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CGI/VFX specialists - get their works rendered much faster and cheaper than before. Rend Chain gets rendering projects through distributed peer-to-peer system. Any person with a personal computer may join and make profit.

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Our Vision

RendChain team is highly concerned about the creative work, especially, in the CGI/VFX industry. We see the future, where anyone can show his story in an AAA quality shot. We get motivated by any success story in the industry.

HashGraph Visionary

We use the most modern technology to connect all the hardware available - to all the individual/corporative studios that need to get high quality image sequences (videos) from their 2D or 3D model by means of computer programs.

What is RendChain

RendChain is a decentralized network for sharing and leveraging large amounts of computing power. The power required to perform critical tasks is available to your team through our vast and growing network of nodes, comprised of individual user machines.

Why You Need Us?

We are useful to both - Render Requestors and PC Providers. Imagine a huge multi-billion core computer doing all the job you need. You may access this computer in your favor just in a few clicks.

Render Requestors

Render Requestors are Users who want to render more complex scenes or animations. They can submit the task to Render Chain, allowing Provider machines to complete the job with speed and accuracy. You can check the list of available renderers, choose your deadline and get the approximate cost after a test render.

PC Providers

Users who want to rent out their idle computing resources. They define the portion of their computing power to be used for earning money by rendering. You will earn 360$ on average with just turning on your computer. The better is your computer - the more you earn.

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